Wenn du an Maha Samadhi denkst, wird er nie kommen

Ist ja logisch!
Wie am Problem festhalten,
Dann kann Loesung nie erscheinen.

♥ Gott ist JENSEITS von Maha Samadhi = NACH Maha Samadhi

* Immer an Gott und Liebe denken
*;Immer tiefstes kriya pranayama
* Immer im voraus auf ALLES vorbereitet
*;Immer von allem loslassen
* Keine Termine (wir sehen uns wieder, etc)

- Keine neuen Bindungen eingehen.
- Keine Hoffnungen schaffen fuer ein Wiedersehen.

♥ Zum Abschluss musst du in der Lage sein wirklich ALLES Gott zu schenken. Da du bei Beginn des Maha Samadhi in Gottes Liebe eintauchst, Atmung und Sekunden danach Herz still steht, dann tauchst du in ein Meer von goettlicher Liebe ein die ALLES wegschmilzt das DU loszulassen bereit bist und dich ggf bereits monatelang damit befasst und innerlich vorbereitet hast.

Translation of spiritual teachings and sacred texts

♥ If ever you use ANY electronic translation service such as “Google translate” or similar for ANY spiritual texts / teachings such as Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition, then you are committing spiritual suicide or disaster!

My own repeated tests have shown that some of the translations result in exactly the OPPOSITE of the ORIGINAL.

♥ Learn the language of the ORIGINAL or leave it.

Bargaining the Spiritual Way

♥ One of mankind’s worst illness is greed and stinginess. Hence it is common among our sick society to push prices down as much as can be evev if seller makes a LOSS. He may have a few dollars in his pocket at the end of the business day = enough to buy rice and something to feed his family but never enough to maintain a solid business and a happy life.

♥ Fortunately we have some truly spiritual people with a heart who feel and think like God made real humans.

♥ A spiritual person NEVER bargains. If you work hard and if needed double or more working hours remembering that God ALWAYS works 24/7365 then you

- can afford whatever is REALLY needed for life exactly at asking price
- item too et pensive, then we buy different’ item, nothing at all or increase working hours or quality of our work.

♥ There is one EXCEPTION I practice since long = spiritual bargaining. Instead of pushing the asked price - you INCREASE the price to match a honest salary / price as explained in detail in a full chapter of the Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition.

♥ Only YOU and God knows how MUCH you really earn. Hence YOU know that you may earn 10, 100 or more times the wage a taxi driver, farmer, shoe polisher or rickshaw driver earns. Hence it is your share and spiritual duty to prove of being HONEST. Of course you also are FREE to do the honesty proof any time in a future incarnation if you and this planet still exist.

♥ When you buy beautiful roses by the dozen or hundreds you may easily give more or if roses very cheap like in tropics double.

♥ When you buy delicious fruits cheap directly from the farm, again you can easily give city retail price or multiple.

♥ Just minutes ago I was preparing tonight’s transfer by tuk tuk to the airport and asked for the price. The driver said 7$. Fine, seems normal rate for Siem Reap airport some 5-7 km out of center. Then I asked how long it takes to make one big tour around Angkor temples at night. It is bautiful trip along or across some HIGH cambodian jungle, passing by beautiful temple ponds and man made lakes with beautiful lotus flowers. And all along the beautiful songs of jungle nature. Last such tour I made some 3 years ago and before that usually 2-3 times yearly. Since tonight my last day after many years in Cambodia I love that slow ride around Angkor temples and jungle to be my last memory of the Kingdom. The driver said he needs approx 2 hrs. Every driver has a slightly different road and thus different speed and time. Then I ask how much the total fare all around Angkor temples then directly to the airport. He said 12$. I said NO. For multiple reasons.

♥ In earlier years the trip around Angkor was some 75 minutes at 12$. That was OK. The temple tour may be 20-30 km. Several times the airport tour. In addition all 2 and half hour max 3 hrs. My salary average this year approx 6$/hr. He mentioned that LOW price ONLY because all day until early afternoon he appeared to have absolutely no trip = no revenue at all. Of course he is hungry and has family to feed. Hence 20 $ = OK. No need for brain to compute price, just need heart. A heart calculates much faster. If trip on time and successful there also can be TIP to create a happy smile. Just the same way YOU and all others do.

♥ All true Kriya Yogi would do same or similar if the Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition chapter about HONEST PRICES understood.

♥ Of course many among you earn 10-fold per hour or much more. Hence there trip for same above may be 200$ or more. Obviously.

♥ To BE spiritual challenges YOU every day again and again until all love FLOWS freely. THEN you know that you have really STARTED real and full Kriya Yoga and thus have started to move on your path of love HOME to God.

Cost and Value of Spiritual Lessons

♥ While some spiritual lessons may be free, MOST spiritual lessons however have a real price. In most cases it is the price of YOU actively being involved in real life human related work. While you work YOU get to meet the people presenting you God sent lessons and challenges.

♥ If you stay away from real life work and hide indoors in offices or behind machines or computers, then you more likely may miss much of your available opportunities.

♥ Most spiritual lessons are unique and may occur only ONCE in a lifetime! God sent opportunities are CREATED and far too complex and far too expensive to be offered again and again just to be wasted.

♥ Another type of intense lessons is offered to those really ready to do whatever to reach greatest possible spiritual progress even if it involves solid investments of thousands of dollars just for a few days travel across the planet. Some additional lessons may be offered at the other side of the planet and require flexibility to travel and to invest in your own spiritual progress.

♥ To return for good home to God requires the maturity and readiness to let go from all attachments. From any kind of attachments.

♥ Sometimes you feel attracted to a remote location / situation that may teach you a vital insight about the seriousness of our planet’s spiritual situation. The essence of such a lesson may facilitate your letting go from this planet and thus ease your permanent return home to God = thus to ease Maha Samadhi.

♥ The value of spiritual lessons is literally priceless. Spiritual lessons may reduce the number of future reincarnations or even make any future reincarnation obsolete. What are YOUR cost for one lifetime active life on earth? In central Europe at current costs more than a Million dollars. In USA many times more. What is the cost or price for all the pain and suffering, education, medical bills, divorce etc per life = priceless!

♥ A few very advanced spiritual disciples are aware of the value vs. costs of spiritual lessons and do all or give all to achieve maximum spiritual progress by accepting all challenges or opportunities offered.
Others chose the path of freebies and minimal efforts for the real progress and efforts to be completed some times later. The question however is: Is this planet waiting for you in your future incarnations, who is paying and maintaining THIS planet FOR YOU to still support human life in thousands of years from now?

♥ Without YOUR own full effort can be no spiritual success. Without your own helpful and loving work can be no spiritual progress at all. Your future and happiness is your sole choice and responsibility at all.

God is Love and your loving action toward all will attract God’s helping hand reaching out for you.

No time for God because of exams or duties?

♥ Almost 20 years ago, soon after my own HP medical state exam, I had a patient for spiritual counseling who

- practiced Kriya Yoga (from an other source)

- Just FAILED twice HIS HP state exam

♥ I asked him how much Kriya Yoga HE does. He answered ” NONE” no time for Kriya Yoga because of his medical exam preparation ….

♥ Means NO time for God. To heal people you need God. An HP license is for healing. When you heal = You work for God unless you heal just for profit and thus for your own EGO.

♥ When months before that date Iprepared for same exam, the last 3 weeks I took OFF from my mobile nurse job for exam preparation. The very first day I studied “old school” = day and night behind hooks and realized that my connection to God LOST.

♥ All remaining prep days I had NO time for study but ONLY time for God and thus made day and night kriya pranayama. Study was limited to max 3 hrs per day. Result = exam success.

♥ To do monkey business jobs or exams you may expect no blessings from God. If however you do exams for God and creation serving jobs, you may get ALL YOU need to succeed - provided you gave ALL you had and made your own full effort!

♥ If you truly want to be spiritual, you always have to maintain you connection to God as highest priority in your life no matter what you do. If you have no or little time for your FULL Kriya Yoga practice, then you also give God NO or little time to assist you to successfully do your work or reach your goals!

The little mouse and the woman

♥ Certain animals have a deep spiritual meaning. Your personal and emotional relationship with those animals says a lot about YOU. Some of those animal-human relationship are described in the Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition, others Not. For the simple reason that the Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition are written for those people who seriously work on their spiritual progress. True spiritual progress ALWAYS dissolves all problems, even without knowing details or root causes.

♥ There is however one such Women-animal relationship that is funny and almost only exists as a problem in the western world = Europe and USA above all. In 10 years Philippine islands I have NO single time ever encountered such a problem.

♥ The problem of a tiny mouse causing a grown up female woman to jump up, to scream histerically or any other panic reaction.

♥ If you would practice spiritual techniques to create inner healing of your “woman” inside your body, then you would feel and behave NORMAL as a female woman !! And you surely would have a much happier and more excited husband / boyfriend or lover. And thus there would be lots of break-ups or divorces LESS or lots of men LESS looking for out of marriage adventures and HAPPINESS.

♥ What is the root cause? The answer is sinple: The answer does NOT fit into a USA controlled server or Google manipulated Internet. In Europe or Asia it would be no problem to write and EDUCATE about sexuality. In USA my site got banned from Google Adsense (the main revenue for the financing of the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love ) as well as all my humanitarian projects in Cambodia and the Beautiful Philippine islands. Thus read and practice all Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition and all your problems with your relationships to any kind of animals will vanish as your love relationship with God improves and your heart toward all and self opens.

The journey to God

♥ The journey to God is a journey OUT of this body - OUT of this world. This sacred journey into a world of love at home in God can best be compared to a journey by sailboat across a large ocean toward a new home completely unknown and never experienced by most human souls.

♥ After careful preparation to actually START YOUR sacred journey HOME requires you to lift anchor.

♥ A human has an anchor in form of

* attachements to persons or property
* unfulfilled wishes, promises, duties, projects, etc.
* severe karma to be dissolved in YOUR love
* Lessons of love to be SUCCESSFFULLY completed.
* Basically anything pending on your To-Do list.

♥ Clean up all your life and your entire To-Do list ⇒ it’s Christmas Time !

♥ EVENTUALLY some of above may simply be SURRENDERED to God while some others of above criteria may require some REAL and INTENSE Loving, healing, helping WORK to be completed by YOU.

♥ The COMPLETION of ALL above allows you to enter in Maha Samadhi.

♥ The actual Journey to oneness with God STARTS as soon as Maha Samadhi achieved as a result of YOUR kriya pranayama practice.

♥ Your true love for God will be the power to uplift your soul to God until ONE with God.

♥ Remember the Final MANTRAM on your journey into God’s home of love: “God is Love”, as published in the teachings of love ⇒ Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition.

♥ During the past many years, I have encountered many who had completed all their duties but no plan nor any knowledge how to return HOME to God. Some churches, religions or spiritual traditions simply either FAILED to share such knowledge, others never had such knowledge and are caught in the worlds with or without karma but away from God.

♥ Some of these worlds away are nothing else but the karma created. Those who fail to share ALL fail to receive all needed to return HOME to God.

♥ Some “Gurus” declared “Guru” by mortal (guru) or an organization as well can be temporarily caught in a dead-end road.

♥ For all Gurus of ANY “lineage”, association, organization, religion, etc lost or caught on your own path:

Pray to God and pray for help in YOUR teachings and own practices. You either have learned direct communication with God or God may guide you to your paramguru. Always pray to God!

♥ Ultimately Jesus is the paramguru of all gurus in need of help or lost in their teachings or on faulty or incomplete path. Jesus is beyond any path or religion. Any “guru” having achieved nirbikalpa samadhi can teach how to clean up life from any mess or karma.

♥ Only the ONE coming FROM God however can teach how to RETURN to God after all karma and mess in life completely dissolved in love.

Persistence and Regularity of Your Kriya Yoga Practice

♥ No career and no family situation ever shall be an excuse to neglect or even skip your regular DAILY Kriya Yoga session.

♥ Without YOUR spiritual PROGRESS and finally SUCCESS , your loved ones most likely may have to wait for any future reincarnation to find and obtain sufficient spiritual support to find their own way HOME to God. Yes YOU, the ONE and only in your entire family, neighborhood and among all colleagues who is reading AND PRACTICING the teachings of love from the Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition.

♥ If you want to be considered and treated some day as “grown up”spiritually mature human, then you may have to learn to be a self-disciplined living example - toward your children as well as your patients and the entire surrounding.

♥ True direct progress toward oneness with God requires time-management and Life-management - BY YOU!

♥ When I remember back my personal early years, there always was sufficient time for God in my life. During very early years as well as last days before until ONE with God as a result of unlimited kriya pranayama - besides family life and patients.

♥ The week prior to Maha Samadhi was Monday thru Weekend fully scheduled with an intense medical congress from morning until last workshop finished in evening. All night was dedicated to most intense God blessed kriya pranayama. There was such intense flow of God’s prana that all week long there was NO NEED to sleep at all.

♥ If your EGO or mis-management of life and priorities however creates regular “family days” or other “too busy” days for a full unlimited kriya pranayama session each day - all year long, then you may have chosen a path “4 steps forward followed by 3 steps falling back”. It’s all a matter of clear priorities in YOUR MIND and YOUR life.

♥ The ONLY way you can help kids or friends and loved ones is by growing spiritually stronger - daily - and return home to God.

♥ During the many years as a professional SCUBA Diving Instructor (PADI MI 11580), when finishing a boat dive with a group of tourist divers, even teenage kids, it was standard procedure to bring the entire group safely to the boat. Maybe help all to discard their weghtbelt and hand it UP to the boat crew. Then it always was me the first one to get up into the boat while all students safely waiting at boat ladder or safety line. Why me first? Because from inside the water it was absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to lift anyone UP into the boat. But from inside the boat it was easy for me to assist all and if needed to lift entire diver or his equipment up into boat.

♥ To help or safe others, THE RESCUER has to be in a stable and safe position.

♥ While here on earth YOU are in NO safe nor strong position. ONLY the one who has achieved absolute ONENESS with God can be on earth and yet FREE from any influence by darkness or destracting forces!

♥ Your children or family may want your presence. That however may never means YOU have to play all the kids games with the kids or watch all the drama movies with friends or spouse, etc. Truly loving friends and loved ones should FEEL your increasingly loving spiritual presence when your BODY “parked” somewhere doing God’s Kriya Yoga in vincinity while they enjoy their own activities in your presence.

♥ Your customers / patients too may feel increased uplifting help FROM YOU with each day of YOU doing YOUR FULL daily kriya yoga techniques. Hence there absolutely can be no spiritual justification to neglect your spiritual practice “for the benefit of others”. Only a truly spiritually strong person is of ANY true spiritual benefit for mankind on earth. All else is for the benefit of ego and the worlds of darkness only.

Avoid Relationship Disaster

♥ To avoid a disaster is infinitely easier AND much cheaper than to FIX problems and even much cheaper than a later fighting (dirty and often revenging) divorce.

♥ If you are already in a struggling relationship, did you REALLY study and convert ALL the chapers on “Secrets of Love” from the Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition? Most likely NOT or only VERY superficially!

♥ The many chapters of “Secrets of Love” in addition to the Lovetest published in Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition contain so many fully accurate help to understand your potential partners subconscious messages TO YOU for YOUR personal PROTECTION - one single failed lovetest = ALL failed = change partner!

♥ For a TRUE kriya yogi, it would take but a FEW SECONDS to make a full assessment of a personal MATCH or a pending disaster waiting to happen.

♥ Of course those chapters and lovetests also hit YOU and offer YOU a most valuable FEEDBACK to assess yourself or to be tested and spirituall “x-rayed” in an instant by anyone else qualified to know.

♥ If you too lazy or too slow to perfectly progress in your own spiritual development, then you may permanently lack the spiritual maturity to qualify for a perfect match in this lifetime.

♥ If you are lucky enough to be single, then look at the many quarrelling marriages arround you and the many dirty, difficult and most of the time also expensive divorces. Let those break ups be a warning to you and a motivation to do better in your own life!

♥ People can learn to be a successful EGO - until ego crashes or dies of fatal disease. To love actually is a soul’s God given nature. You can learn to manifest divine love under the most difficult situation created by mankind on earth. But the actual act of simply loving all is an eternal NATURE of our soul. Or did you ever witness a NEWBORN baby NOT knowing how to smile or how to lovingly suck and swallow when drinking fresh milk directly from mother? Babies know what, how and where to find mother’s love. So do all the young ones from animals as well.

♥ As we successfully remove, dissolve or crash our EGO - step by step - our loving nature RE-appears and manifests. The more manifestations of our innermost loving nature we experience, the greater our efforts to completely get rid of our ego for good.

♥ Until then we better use ALL help from subconscious to stay OUT of all troubles.

♥ Study and apply all “Secrets of Love” and practice the hundreds of spiritual lessons. Be smarter than egos playing with your happiness and life!

The Subconscious is Your Helper

♥ The subconcious is an expression of the soul caught within an individual’s EGO. Soul ALWAYS wants to achieve freedom from EGO and thus soul always wants to return HOME to God.

♥ The soul of a human being always fully supports any loving effort by OTHERS to attain divine freedom.

♥ OTHER people’s subconscious mind ALWAYS HELP you to be protected from any deceitful or damaging actions of its temporary “MASTER” = the surrounding EGO!

♥ SOUL vs EGO is like a slave / master relationship. However while the soul temporarily appears the prisoner or slave of a deceitful ego. The soul always wins because the soul uses ALL loving resources offered by God and a soul always is directly and honestly communicating with ALL OTHER souls with God’s loving help.

♥ Souls always reveal to all world the real intentions of its “master” (the ego) - without ego knowing. Your soul as well!

♥ Learn to understand the subconscious alarms and signals or guidance you receive from others to avoid future problems or disasters in your own life. Developping true God related spirituality helps you. The COMPLETE knowledge of the Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition contains all you need to develop your God created loving being, provided you actually study ALL until fully understood and also PRACTICE all until perfection.