How to Optimize Your Spiritual Efforts

♥ To optimize your spiritual efforts and progress / success, follow below 2 steps.

  1. Support all those who support you on your spiritual path.
  2. Withdraw support from those who distract you from your spiritual goal.

♥ A.s you notice in above 2 steps, there is NO fighting at all, just a common sense basic spiritual principle of controlled loving actions and focus of YOUR available resources. If YOU withdraw ALL support from all negative beings / organizations / hierarchies, then such negative powers run OUT of energy, while all strong loving powers and beings grow stronger and stronger for YOUR own benefit = to support YOU and all loving ones even more until YOU one with God and HOME in God’s world of love (heaven).

♥ Just compare a larger number of humans all pulling on one string, all at the same time, all pulling in ONE direction
same number of beings - part pulling in one direction and part pulling in all kinds of other or opposite directions. All exhausting their resources and energy, achieving nothing at all.

Beyond The Sky is God’s World of Love

♥ Ever thought or questioned about God’s creation? On a clear night, look up at the stars and beyond.
Hidden beyond invisible worlds is God’s world of love. A world of infinite beauty and absolute love, trustworthiness and loyalty for God love for all others.

♥ Now while looking at the infinite sky, imagine the power and love needed to keep such creation in one piece, in love and peace.
Perfection in love toward all is the key to God’s world of love.

♥ Repeat every now and then to look at the sky to remember the infinite size and the infinite purity of love needed to join God’s world of love. Practice and proof love in all situations of your life until one with God.

Enjoy Life or Help Others

♥ If your desire to enjoy life larger than your desire to help others greater,
then you fail on your path of love to God.

♥ Only the most selfish ones can enjoy life while others keep working / helping or are suffering.

The Mindset of Zombies vs Human Mindset

♥ The mindset of zombies, including voice, personality, physical appearance and other characteristics remain the same as before that body LOST its soul for an extended period of time.
Hence normal mortal beings may never recognize any change.

♥ Changes start to appear slowly up to many YEARS after separation from soul / body. A soul may be a permanent part of darkness as a result own CHOICES made
as a result of disagreement between soul and ego.

♥ The spiritual fact of separation body / soul was known to mankind since thousands of years in various spiritual tradition. For “unspiritual” humans this separation is out of control, while truly God-oriented spiritually active humans remain one sacred unit until reincarnation successfully completed.

Zombies vs humans

♥ A Zombie is a human body WITHOUT soul
thus a Zombie NEVER can pray to God nor communicate with God.

♥ Zombies are beings of darkness = “Anti-Christ”
and serve the world of darkness by selling (dedicating) their life-force to darkness, money, might, abuse, exploitation and violence.

♥ God made human souls = beings of love,
humans created zombies = beings empty of love.

Legal vs illegal - to Legalize or to Criminalize is Both Wrong

God is Love = God gave freedom to all. God gives wise advise to all to avoid damage.

♥ Hence to legalize is wrong as well as to criminalize is wrong. Either of both states create wrong impressions or stress. Much of what governments declare legal is damaging to health, to nature or social peace. Yet by declaring as legal, people may assume it is good and healthy or even correct and loving. Much of what is legal today, is a complete violation of God’s law, unhealthy or harmful to mankind’s and creations’ wellness and happiness.

♥Much of what is declared illegal or criminal behavior by self-declared mortal “authorities” may be well within useful / helpful God given freedom.

♥Meaningful spiritual learning requires the freedom to experience without interference by self-declared “authorities”. In absolute freedom but under direct guidance by God, mankind is able experiment, to experience and to FEEL what is good or bad, helpful or harmful. Experiences that have to be made in hiding / secret are made under stress and either may lead to injuries or accidents or to limited learning results. To successfully learn, there needs to be a condition that allows communication with God. To remain Open for God, a human needs to have peace of mind,

♥In God’s world of love, there is nothing legal nor criminal. There are loving experiences creating happiness and there are painful actions that create Karma. The difference is known to all mankind and is explained in very detail by God to all creation.

The Ultimate Love-Test

♥ In a truly spiritual relationship, the love-life ALWAYS is uplifting = substantially increases the prana flow and thus decreases the need for sleep.

♥ However if one or both partner lack true Love for God and lack true intention to return HOME to God, the need for sleep increases as a result of fake love / ego game by one or both. If so = as careful reader of the Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition you KNOW exactly what to do what ever the price. o

♥ In my own life, my divorce 1989 was resulting in an almost instant (within a few months) full opening to God and the greatest blessing by God - at a price of “ALL” = a dirty revenging divorce at xxx’xxx US $ (ALL $ I had) in exchange for permanent most intense and most loving presence of God ever after.

♥ Darkness lives / feeds from all those who connect to God to keep humans away from God. Some abuse an attachment to children as a source of life-force, others abuse a spouse as source of life-force.

♥ A very few only connect to God for life-force and uplifting love with the sincere intention to re-unite with God.

♥ Love never can be faked no matter how big and sophisticated efforts are. Up to each true kriya yogi to feel the difference and act accordingly.

Marriages in Repeated Troubles

♥ Marriages get into troubles or worst into repeated troubles if ONE or both play fake game of ego and LIE to God and / or each other about their TRUE innermost emotional status and intention.

♥ If a marriage risks to break after many years, then ONE single spiritual marriage counseling will be sufficient to permanently heal the marriage = else there never was ANY sincere and true love at all in any or BO(TH of the married persons. Divorce ant any cost to be free for God and love as single or with a new truly loving partner. It is easier to return home to God as happy single than as unhappy married person. Some have a sincere desire to return HO(ME to God on a path of love, while the majority just just pretends to be spiritual and / or loving while in reality being on a pah of war, retaliation or revenge against the opposite gender.

♥ Newly married couples have NO justified need for spiritual marriage counseling as they both had 10+ years opportunities to learn and apply teachings of love , love-tests and “secrets of love” to prevent any wrong choice from the very beginning. Being (too) late / too lazy in learning or too slow in applying the lessons of love = is YOUR sole responsibility. Pay the full price for your mistakes and correct whatever the price may be.

♥ Avoid marriage for pity or to support a sick, weak or lost one. Such marriages may have as price that the loving one fails to return home to God in this current lifetime. If ANY even smallest doubt = divorce at any cost. True love NEVER leaves any even smallest doubt.

♥ Spiritual marriage counseling if ever needed / granted strictly should be paid in full by BOTH partners from honest self-earned money, even if that means a few MONTHS of overtime working and pleasure / gadgets / luxury in life. If a marriage NOT worth that extra full effort by BOTH, then a marriage unworthy to be rescued at all !!

Compromises Are Failures

♥ Any compromise always is a spiritual failure.

♥ True solutions of love always are perfect for all spiritually mature beings. Spiritual maturity is achieved through spiritual efforts until one with God.

Kriya Yoga Prayer

♥ EVERY kriya yogi REALLY has to remember by heart without EVER be reminded:

♥ Please pray regularly to God: “…..(and HERE follows the very special kriya yoga prayer to God) ….”

♥ In THIS CASE = “regularly” means every few weeks or at te very least every VERY FEW months WITHOUT ever being reminded! WHEN did YOU do that special prayer last time ??


Did you even forget on which page that special kriya yoga prayer is - see Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition??

♥ YOU are expected to study and KNOW every single page and have successfully practiced all exercises.