A day of silent love - for couples only

An fun exercise for couples only

♥ ♥ A day of silence ♥ ♥

♥ The only valid reason for a man and a woman to share life as Lovers is LOVE. Love requires inner and outer HARMONY = a clear and full YES to each other’s needs. That true Love = harmony = YES leaves NO room for arguments or disputes in daily Life at all. For a marriage to “work” all life long and thus a LOVE that grows deeper and more powerful each day spent together. Only time you physically spend together side by side can result in a ever deeper romantic and magic relationship. Both need to have a sincere God and Love spiritual orientation in life.

♥ The below EXERCISE can be FUN for both but also revealing lack of TRUE Love and Harmony if in a wrong “karma-relationship” instead of “Love-relationship”.

♥ To practice below, choose a FREE day you both spend together without any other dates or distractions. without parents, in-laws or friends in house !

♥ Both have to FULLY AGREE to the 24 hours lasting exercise of total silence while active together. IF one disagrees = time for relationship-review and more likely time for instant divorce!

♥ To succeed, you have to FEEL your partner’s NEEDS, wishes, (sexual) fantasies and desires.

♥ Avoid any distraction such as Movie or TV or public events such as Sport-events. Best is 24 hrs just for you. NO visitors, il you have kids = choose a day all kids are out of home at a safe place with grand-parents, etc.

♥ ♥ 24 hours without ANY talking ♥ ♥

* 24 hrs no verbal communication - spoken or written
* 24 hrs just actions of love, romance, daily life side by side
* The man leads and Is responsible for ALL, the woman enjoys, but of course the woman also takes / initiates actions and the man enjoys.

♥ If anyone starts to talk = remind of silence agreement by placing your Index-Finger on Lips = global sign for silence.

♥ Ego wants to argue while a loving soul however only wants to enjoy Loving and BE enjoyed.

♥ Among lovers above exercise is pure FUN.
If above however is stress or leads to disagreements = then your time AFTER divorce may turn into FUN, provided you Iearned your lessons from YOUR OWN mistakes made.

♥ 0f course it is possible to do ALL above with ALL your children present -just give your young ones 24 hrs total freedom to do whatever they want = YOU (SHOULD) have been a living example for your Kids in all past years = hence they’ll do what you showed them and they also may do all you prohibited without full and spiritually correct justification.

♥ ♥ ♥ Enjoy ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ To learn more about God, Love and truly Loving relationships - study and practice the complete “Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition”. Free instant download. 39988 files with Jesus teachings of love and complete Kriya Yoga teachings.


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Jesus teachings of Love, free instant download


Jesus teachings of Love, free instant download

Hard work makes stronger

This planet offers unlimited work and emergencies to be done NOW.
Some of the work is hard physical or Spiritual work requiring strength and endurance. Hard work may appear tiring - at least at the beginning while your ego strong and your love and body weak .
However, as you work harder and longer, you grow stronger and stronger and stronger and hard work makes You feel good .

To be strong is FUN !!! To be strong makes you feel good ! Strong people can help more people in need faster and more efficiently. Strong People are better Lovers . Strong People are more useful, more helpful and more fun to be around . Strong ones can be friends - weak people are patients and walking problems. Taking life easy is what put this planet in our Current situation of starvation, war , abuse and exploitation. Hundreds of Millions of people choosing easy Jobs, easy workplaces in offices and “superior” positions . Reducing working hours to 40 -50 hrs per week or even less . Leaving for tomorrow or next week or much later the work that needed to be done last week or last Incarnation already. Make up your Mind, make a clear choice. Do you want to be a source of solutions for others , for God’s creation OR do you want to be a Problem ? The choice is Yours and the outcome of Your future in your own hands.

Find “food” for your heart and soul to improve and increase love in your life and your loving relationship with God.

♥ In God’s creation are Millions of universes
- ALL separated from God’s world of love

All such universes have developed their own rules to temporarily survive,
some are ruled by karma law,
others by nature law = only healthy and strongest ones survive, all others are digested by nature for the benefit of stronger ones. All such universes are but of temporary nature and may vanish some day for ever - dissolved in love. Only God’s world of love is of eternal nature. All beings - human and non-human - always had, always have and always will have the opportunity to join God’s world of love.

Click above link to read all about “Millions of universes separated from God’s world of love”

Balance of male and female energy within a family

In a healthy family with a male man and female woman, the children are mixed in similar numbers - girls and boys. Both - man and woman - can be artificially slowing down the free natural flow of love and thus creating imbalance between male and female energy. Being slow, delaying love a few minutes or until “later” is one such situation where an otherwise female woman may turn into a weak woman or a male man’s energy becoming weak to his partner. Such situations are a manifestation of stinginess and/or greed in love relationship. Only a full free flow of love including sexuality between both partners in both directions leads to a happy lasting relationship.

In a relationship with weak male man and strong female woman, there are more boys to offer the needed male energy to the female partner. The same in opposite situation, a weak female woman together with a strong male man most likely has more girls than boys to create balance between male and female energy within a relationship / family.

In a more complex situation such as female man and male woman, the solution is much more complex, but obvious to recognize what to do and how to solve. God made man and woman. A man is made to be male man and a woman is made to be female woman. To heal such situations requires either a full spiritual self-healing effort or decades, even incarnations until done. Until a full healing has been achieved, there is NO maturity for a truly happy marriage that lasts a life time or beyond.

The choice of lifestyle and work / job is an essential additional factor for healing. No healing of a female man is possible as long as such patient holds onto female jobs. Every job type promotes either the male aspect or the female aspect of a human being. The “Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" contain sufficient details on work, choice of work and proper preparation for relationship.

Such created balance is a temporary soution up to a few years. However if the weak one in a relationship fully compensates for his / her lack of preparation, then a marriage may turn happy and lasting. A full healing always includes a full change of life style and work as well as spiritual healing as a result of spiritual efforts such as a complete and correct practice of Kriya Yoga and spiritual progress. If the weak one fails to fully mature within shortest possible time, then a divorce is most likely to happen at the right time - usually after 6-7 years of mismatching relationship or as soon as a suitable new partner enters the neglect partner’s life.

If you are in a wrong relationship, divorce before you wasted your entire life. Never believe promises such as “I will change …” or similar promises. If past decades and past incarnations were too little time to become either a healthy male man or healthy female woman, then the next few decades may be too short as well and any promise made is but an attempt to gain some love without having to give true love.

There is a time in life when only a full shock therapy or full impact of self created karma may be powerful enough to create changes needed. Too many humans have been too long successful offering fake love and thus got used to be at least partially successful with cheap fake love vs true divine love.

As a rough guideline - male jobs always are tougher, harder physical work, dangerous, dirty but always useful and valuable for all creation. Typical examples for male works are:

  • Construction work
  • Boat builder
  • Carpentar
  • Handyman
  • Blacksmith
  • Farmer
  • Fisherman
  • Rescue services
  • Forest work
  • Healer
  • Miner

Only a male man can make a female woman feel like a woman and vice versa. Every human has a God given right to be fully loved each and every day. Thus every male man has a right to have a female woman as partner. Every female woman has a divine right to have a male man as a partner. If a partner refuses or slows down healing and spiritual progress, then that partner loses the right to have a healthy partner and may find divorce and loneliness to learn to appreciate being what God made. Man or woman.

Human law vs nature law vs God’s law of love

♥ Nature law is by far more accurate and more efficient and more loving than any human law currently existing on this planet.

Hence if we would destroy ALL human made law books we would have an instant and substantial improvement in global peace among all races, ages and genders.

Mankind’s lack of maturity and lack of true intelligence to do so leaves the planet itself to do so. After a first real nature disaster  (real disaster since thousands of years far beyond the many small disasters ever experienced) across all planet by our planet earth for the sake of self protection may destroy all man made infrastructure at once and thus free all world from man made destruction of planet and global peace and freedom of all.

The result may be a restart of all human society without governments or authorities of any kind and without high tech infrastructure but with nature laws known to all nature and God’s direct guidance of all mankind toward the last step home to God into a world of love and eternal freedom. based on absolute love among all creatures in all creation.

When all money has lost its value, when all mighty ones have lost their slaves and slave workers or slave soldiers, drones and robots, when all wealthy ones have lost their wealth, gold, money and power money did buy, then all planet free from suppression, free to move on toward God and a peaceful free society of love.

♥ Another much bigger step forward would be with God’s law of love applied instantly by all =  we would have an instant full peace and true love among all mankind and all beings - human and non-human.God is Love and all God ever does is to expand the world of love to heal the human society on earth to be ready to return home to God’s world of love. God’s spiritual and most loving guidance is available to all mankind of all genders, all races and all ages - for free, instantly and any time, any place.

♥ Learn to be open for God’s direct guidance and direct personal communication with God to feel God’s love and receive God’s guidance on your path of love - study and apply the “Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" - a collection of 39988 files with Jesus teachings of love to return home to God on a path of love and only love. Find complete Spiritual Treasures download information.

People will fail because they never made a full commitment to right actions and loving lifestyle.

Only people with extensive spiritual achievement and permanent communication with God can be spiritual counselor. Only doctors with decades of medical experience PLUS extensive spiritual progress can turn into true holistic healers. Only teachers with many decades of most intense active learning in life in various parts of this world can be true teachers based on true life related experiences in all aspects of life = business, war, disaster, foreign cultures and religions. Only a human with repeated oneness with God can be spiritual teacher (see definition of Guru). Hence true spiritual helpers, teachers and healers always are blessed by God. An easy way to know if a person is blessed by God is the fact that any helper of God never gets tired or if so after 10-20 hrs or daily work, gets fully recovered and healed by God in a matter of minutes to continue his work in the name of God. True God related spiritual helpers easily can work 20 or more hrs per day over many years or decades. People working for dark forces however may get tired and need many hours of sleep - 6 or more per day..

Click above link to see full article on my Facebook page about Patients or disciples who fail do so as a choice

Goal and purpose of spiritual counseling

With the help of a spiritual counselor you can:

  • Make better choices in your life, job or career as well as private and family life.
  • Avoid mistakes that lead to difficult situations with financial loss
  • Avoid bad karma in your future and learn to make choices leading to happy life in freedom and for the mutual benefit of all.
  • Avoid legal conflicts, lawsuits and struggles in your life that consume your resources and cost your peace of mind and heart, may be even your entire fortune and livelihood.

A happy and peaceful life requires to live in harmony with God and all creation. To know spiritual laws and rules to avoid disaster and waste of life. Imagine the cost of a wrong marriage? A wrong marriage usually ends within the first several years. Most of the time by the end of 6-7 years. At that time you may have 2 or 3 children. A divorce from a revenging partner may cost you a fortune and the karma resulting for making wrong choices may cost you 15-20 years of your life before you are free again for a real love oriented possible next relationship.

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