Christianity and the Cross - Value and Meaning of Religious Symbols

♥ Christianity is about God and Love or about Jesus teachings of love, NEVER about the Cross or other religious symbols. Other religions may have their own purpose and ultimate goals. No matter what your religion. Your .spiritual progress never can depend on symbols you wear or display in or on your house or on churches. Spiritual progress depends entirely on your inner development. On developing the key values of ALL beings - human and other beings as well. The core value of all beings is Love. God is Love. Mankind has the same inner potential = to be a being of love, made to the image of God.

Other religions, if true, are of same basic nature. Anything leading to other inner values than true divine love has NOTHING to do at all with God and thus is NO true religion at all. True purpose of religion is to reunite you with God. Any religion or spiritual practice using anything else but true love as means to progress never can be truly spiritual = God related.

♥ Religious symbols or buildings of religious meaning such as temples or churches may be helpful to some, however they never are needed for spiritual progress or to find God and stay connected with God!

If such religious symbols or buildings create hatred against other humans belonging to other religions, then such symbols or buildings should be avoided in its use. True God-loving people of any belief, culture or race can Pray to God any time any where. All you really need is a sincere heart willing to directly pray to God and open for God’s Love directly receive guidance FROM God.

♥ God recognizes a loving heart and soul even without cross or other symbols, even in the forest or jungle, in a rice fields or construction site, in your bedroom, kitchen or garden, where work a HONEST work for a honest company or your own loving family business or family farm.

♥ Your body is the temple of your soul you offer to God. Keep this body as your temple for God clean. Keep your thoughts and emotions clean and loving to attract God into your daily life and free you from your imprisonment on earth. Your daily actions of love signal to God your true innermost being - never your presence in a particular building or the display of particular symbols. In your daily actions of love, your daily usefulness, your daily helping others, your daily sharing with needy ones will create a powerful AURA of divine love as manifestation being a temple of love for God.

♥ In many cases it is the display of outer symbols or buildings pertaining to one single religion or spiritual tradition that awakens again and again war between religions. If you remove all such symbols from your body and home, then no one can see who you are. If however you display in all your actions true love toward all, then all can see who is a true God-loving human, a true Christian beyond doubt. Anybody can wear uniforms or dresses to pretend and play a role, even fake roles - just as millions do during carneval season in some cultures / countries. No one however can fake an entire loving life, work and career. A fake Christian’s subconscious mind always will reveal sooner or later in clear manifestations the innermost truth of any ego in many clear and distinct ways.

♥ Religions and spiritual traditions often have caused severe atrocities and war for many thousands of years on this planet. If you reduce or completely eliminate all outer symbols of recognition, then all humans look alike - as made by God. Be clean inside and outside. Be dressed in happy colors in simple, cute and fashionable style that makes you feel good and lovable. All true outer beauty comes from your true love toward God and all creation, including mankind, nature and animals.That is all you really need to prove to God and all creation that you are a loving human - Christian or other - God has no religion as God is God of ALL creation, all stars, all universes, visible and beyond. On e for all creation.

♥ The ongoing current destruction of Christian churches in China, the removal of the Cross on Christian churches in China is proof of how religious symbols can provoke others or even create hate or fear in governments or oppositions. The awakening of true love within each humans creates a power infinitely more powerful than any or all governments on earth combined and all forces of hell combined. The awakening of divine love within mankind will be the end of all governments and all structures of darkness, ego and evil. Focus on God and Love in all you do and avoid any provocation of evil forces to enjoy a peaceful life on your path of love toward your HOME in God’s world of love.

♥ Avoid provoking or stirring up hate between your world / religion and others. Stay OUT of people’s neighborhood or lives if they feel provoked by you or your belief of vicinity. Avoid provocation = our planet is large enough to offer peaceful living space for all different groups. Give freedom and independence to all others and maintain your own modest but loving space to enjoy your own life. Stay within your own limits whatever you do. Clean up your inside, your mind, emotions and own life / karma without messing up other people’s life or living space.

There is room for all, on this planet as well as in God’s entire creation. As we all progress during our lessons of love, we all dissolve in divine love whatever may currently separate us from our current enemies without going to war. Simply by focusing on OUR OWN inner progress and developing of true love. Lessons and teachings of love from the Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition offer you all you need to spiritually progress in a most loving and most peaceful way until ONE with God. If some people appear too evil for you to love - still NO reason to hate. Avoid the most difficult or most evil beings and surrender them to God. Create and maintain your own small loving world fully within your own limits and maintain a community of loving friendly beings around you. That still is plenty for you to learn and live happily.

Maha Samadhi never is to escape this world but to join God’s world of love

♥ Maha Samadhi never is to escape this world, but join God’s world of love and accept ev en greater responsibilities. Hence first complete all your worldly duties and spiritual lessons, then proceed when qualified and all lessons of love successfully accomplished. ♥ Maha Samadhi occurs as an automatic result of YOU having done REALLY all parts of the complete Kriya Yoga teachings contained in the “Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition”.

Marriage and Maha Samadhi

♥ It should be obvious that married persons or persons with an entire family striving for Maha Samadhi NEED to SURRENDER spouse and/or family TO God FIRST to emotionally dissolve any attachment in God’s love.If properly done, God shall arrange for all necessary work, support and guidance to safeguard family members left behind on earth. Maha Samadhi is the result of EXCEPTIONAL spiritual maturity and achievements.Thus who ever qualified for Maha Samadhi can be infinitely more useful and more efficiently useful / helpful while at HOME in God.

Maximum prana flow reduces need for sleep in advanced kriya yoga

♥ In the final days or even weeks before Maha Samadhi there normally is a phase of steady intense vibration from strong prana flow even outside your kriya pranayama sessions and there is NO sleep at all. God keeps your body alive.

♥ If you fail to reach such intense energy flow as a result of many years steady increase of kriya pranayama in a loving working and living environment, then YOU have made major mistakes in reading and applying all teachings of love from the Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition carefully and correctly into your life and work.

Most common reasons of spiritual failure

♥ Lack of precise knowledge of ALL chapters of the Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition

♥ Lack of practice of ALL exercises = omitting essential exercises, including early beginners exercises published in the “Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition”

♥ For German nationals ALL chapters - also ALL english chapters are of course essential. The trouble makers on this planet are definitely expected to understand or learn to understand english language as english language is the global communication language free of any nationality or country. To merely skim texts and search for “raisins” = search for blessings and how to obtain gifts from God is wrong procedure. To study until FULLY understood, to PRACTICE until high degree of perfection achieved automatically will lead to receiving blessings and gifts of love from God.

♥ If you practice more than extreme maximum of 3 years and still fail to consciously FEEL God’s presence and direct spiritual guidance, then you surely have omitted vital preparatory lessons and exercises.

♥ Recommended procedure for ALL is

♥ Re-read top to bottom, left to right ALL chapters at least once or twice. Until really ALL fully understood

♥ Repeat all exercises - specially all beginners exercises until perfection.

♥ Never expect anyone on earth or in heaven to CARE more ABOUT YOU, than you care about OTHERS here and now on earth. Never expect others to care more about you and your future than YOU care about your OWN current life and future.

♥ If your OWN efforts minimal, then it is best.for others to wait until your own efforts have increased to MAXIMUM efforts before helping you at all.

♥ Never waste your resources for lazy ones, there are millions of OTHERS fully ready to receive help and convert help into progress for the well-being of ALL creation.

♥ Is LOVE truly important to YOU? If YES, then PROVE it by fully LOVING OTHERS, by generously sharing WITH OTHERS, by generously and actively HELPING others.

The worst sin against God and all creation

♥ Many mistakes mankind commits can be healed or repaired. The worst sin ever however is impossible to fix by the human being committing such and can only be repaired by God.

♥ The absolutely WORST sin ever is to prevent a human to return HOME to God

♥ Such crime against God and his children is being committed by millions of human beings, fake friends, SPOUSES, medical society on earth AND beyond b:

* preventing a human to die = delaying death be artificial life support OR resuscitation of “dead ones” (thru CPR)

* preventing, disturbing, delaying, interfering in spiritual practice - such as kriya pranayama or similar.

* misleading God seekers away from most direct path of Love HOME to God by guiding God seekers to “ascended masters” or into OTHER universes far from God.

♥ It is the TRUE God seeker’s OWN duty and responsibility to recognize such destructive behavior from spouse or “friends” or family members and to pursue his spiritual path by setting u HIS strict rules as needed to succeed on HIS chosen path home to God, to protect HIS practice time and place to have all time and peace needed for maximum success.

♥ Dead is the ONLY door to God, by Maha Samadhi or by natural death or accident. To return HOME to God is the most sacred right given by God to EVERY soul. Thus every being has a God given right to peacefully die, by illness or accident or spiritual practice at any age.

♥ NO ONE between hell and God ever has a right to interfere in a FREE journey HOME to God. NO being of any kind between hell and God ever has a right NOR power to prevent a sincere God seeking being from directly facing God. That is the reason why I taught you repeated times to pray to God only.

♥ The FREE passage to God is sacred and available to ALL because God is Love.

♥ The holy Mantram given to you in the teachings of love will protect you during Maha Samadhi from being pulled away or misguided from direct path to God.

There is only ONE creation made by ONE God

♥ There is only ONE creation made by ONE God ALL is part of that ONE creation made of Love, made to love. ALL else one day may be dissolved in love and disappear for ever to leave but beings of love in God’s world of love.

♥ One day ALL will be part of that ONE world, all animals, plants, all nature and other beings, to share all creation as a “playground” and home of love with each other,

Wenn du an Maha Samadhi denkst, wird er nie kommen

Ist ja logisch!
Wie am Problem festhalten,
Dann kann Loesung nie erscheinen.

♥ Gott ist JENSEITS von Maha Samadhi = NACH Maha Samadhi

* Immer an Gott und Liebe denken
*;Immer tiefstes kriya pranayama
* Immer im voraus auf ALLES vorbereitet
*;Immer von allem loslassen
* Keine Termine (wir sehen uns wieder, etc)

- Keine neuen Bindungen eingehen.
- Keine Hoffnungen schaffen fuer ein Wiedersehen.

♥ Zum Abschluss musst du in der Lage sein wirklich ALLES Gott zu schenken. Da du bei Beginn des Maha Samadhi in Gottes Liebe eintauchst, Atmung und Sekunden danach Herz still steht, dann tauchst du in ein Meer von goettlicher Liebe ein die ALLES wegschmilzt das DU loszulassen bereit bist und dich ggf bereits monatelang damit befasst und innerlich vorbereitet hast.

Translation of spiritual teachings and sacred texts

♥ If ever you use ANY electronic translation service such as “Google translate” or similar for ANY spiritual texts / teachings such as Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition, then you are committing spiritual suicide or disaster!

My own repeated tests have shown that some of the translations result in exactly the OPPOSITE of the ORIGINAL.

♥ Learn the language of the ORIGINAL or leave it.

Bargaining the Spiritual Way

♥ One of mankind’s worst illness is greed and stinginess. Hence it is common among our sick society to push prices down as much as can be evev if seller makes a LOSS. He may have a few dollars in his pocket at the end of the business day = enough to buy rice and something to feed his family but never enough to maintain a solid business and a happy life.

♥ Fortunately we have some truly spiritual people with a heart who feel and think like God made real humans.

♥ A spiritual person NEVER bargains. If you work hard and if needed double or more working hours remembering that God ALWAYS works 24/7365 then you

- can afford whatever is REALLY needed for life exactly at asking price
- item too et pensive, then we buy different’ item, nothing at all or increase working hours or quality of our work.

♥ There is one EXCEPTION I practice since long = spiritual bargaining. Instead of pushing the asked price - you INCREASE the price to match a honest salary / price as explained in detail in a full chapter of the Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition.

♥ Only YOU and God knows how MUCH you really earn. Hence YOU know that you may earn 10, 100 or more times the wage a taxi driver, farmer, shoe polisher or rickshaw driver earns. Hence it is your share and spiritual duty to prove of being HONEST. Of course you also are FREE to do the honesty proof any time in a future incarnation if you and this planet still exist.

♥ When you buy beautiful roses by the dozen or hundreds you may easily give more or if roses very cheap like in tropics double.

♥ When you buy delicious fruits cheap directly from the farm, again you can easily give city retail price or multiple.

♥ Just minutes ago I was preparing tonight’s transfer by tuk tuk to the airport and asked for the price. The driver said 7$. Fine, seems normal rate for Siem Reap airport some 5-7 km out of center. Then I asked how long it takes to make one big tour around Angkor temples at night. It is bautiful trip along or across some HIGH cambodian jungle, passing by beautiful temple ponds and man made lakes with beautiful lotus flowers. And all along the beautiful songs of jungle nature. Last such tour I made some 3 years ago and before that usually 2-3 times yearly. Since tonight my last day after many years in Cambodia I love that slow ride around Angkor temples and jungle to be my last memory of the Kingdom. The driver said he needs approx 2 hrs. Every driver has a slightly different road and thus different speed and time. Then I ask how much the total fare all around Angkor temples then directly to the airport. He said 12$. I said NO. For multiple reasons.

♥ In earlier years the trip around Angkor was some 75 minutes at 12$. That was OK. The temple tour may be 20-30 km. Several times the airport tour. In addition all 2 and half hour max 3 hrs. My salary average this year approx 6$/hr. He mentioned that LOW price ONLY because all day until early afternoon he appeared to have absolutely no trip = no revenue at all. Of course he is hungry and has family to feed. Hence 20 $ = OK. No need for brain to compute price, just need heart. A heart calculates much faster. If trip on time and successful there also can be TIP to create a happy smile. Just the same way YOU and all others do.

♥ All true Kriya Yogi would do same or similar if the Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition chapter about HONEST PRICES understood.

♥ Of course many among you earn 10-fold per hour or much more. Hence there trip for same above may be 200$ or more. Obviously.

♥ To BE spiritual challenges YOU every day again and again until all love FLOWS freely. THEN you know that you have really STARTED real and full Kriya Yoga and thus have started to move on your path of love HOME to God.