Are you cheating God or loving ALL?

♥ Extend your Kriya Pranayama until ONE with God

♥ ONE single LONG daily kriya pranayama session is far more efficient than several shorter sessions.

1 times 12 hrs is better than 3 times 5 hrs!

♥ If you manage to create excuses and situations that make your daily Kriya Yoga sessions impossible, reconsider your true intentions and spiritual goals. In a whole year, there are but a very FEW justified exceptions for regular daily spiritual practice. For example travel or disaster.

♥ If the job you do and the investment in efforts, time and money you make are MOSTLY toward helping OTHERS, including poor and needy ones, then you may safely assume your spiritual intentions being sincere but maybe in need of adjusting and / or optimization.

♥ If however you failed to chose a spiritually valuable work / employer and your “investment” toward spiritual progress of ALL humans is but a small percentage of ALL YOUR available resources, then you surely are on a path to gain personal benefits and personal blessings while maintaining a selfish path far from God. That can be called an attempt to CHEAT God or Guru !!!

♥ Opportunities to re-direct your current professional qualifications from a destructive industry toward God is easy:

* Learn NEW and / or expand existing skills by self-study.

* Change employer / industry to redirect your energy toward spiritual worth goals.

An example may be:

An accountant working for car industry or gov or mil changIng to a humanitarian NGO.

Both employers need accountants, one to expand profits and reach global domination, the other to alleviate pain and suffering of anyone in need. One progressing toward destruction of social peace and all planet, the other one toward global social peace, equality and happiness of ALL.

♥ Absolutely ALL needed spiritual lessons, guidelines and teachings of Love are included in the Spiritual Treasures. By intensifying your spiritual practice, improving your focus toward your spiritual goal by reducing destraction, eventually you may have 12-+ hrs of kriya pranayama in addition to a full day of spiritually oriented work, resulting in daily improving your connection with God until suddenly ONE with God = Maha Samadhi. Then STAY home in God by surrendering ALL to God, including ALL your memories, projects as well as unfinished jobs!

Follow your heart

♥ In all eternal life the single most important is Love. If your life messed up and you unsure what to do = pray to God, then FOLLOW your heart.

Marriage with true romantic love or instant peaceful divorce

♥ Most marriages on our planet are based on wrong reason. Karma,pity, money, social status, weakness or helplessness, existing children, political, medical or any other reason other than LOVE.

♥ The ONLY valid reason for a marriage / relationship is true romantic LOVE!

♥ The simple fact of having NO FIGHTS / NO arguements and SOME KIND of superficial sex resulting in one or several children is absolutely NO reason to stay together.

♥ For a true lasting romantic relationship there needs to be true love toward ALL, a relationship of love with God both can FEEL and a mutual spiritual goal to return HOME to God on a path of love.

♥ One being spiritual, the other one material oriented always ends in separation or emotional disaster and break up.

♥ Peacefully living side by side like brother and sister ….. is what ALL mankind should do to enjoy global peace - but is no basis for marriage nor for having sex!

♥ Each woman has a God given right to love and being loved every day - Eternally.

♥ Each man as well has the divine right to give Love and be loved every day eternally.

♥ If YOU FEEL to be trapped in such a “brother-sister” non-fighting “marriage” then carefully consider your peaceful most loving options for a friendly and peaceful future. Consider your children’s future. Parents separated but within easy walking distance until the youngest ones adult and free for life i.e. 12-14 yrs or older.

♥ There always are solutions of Love provided ALL parties involved act like mature, educated and civilized human beings. In time of divorce “partners” show their REAL “face”.

♥ NO ONE has the right to deny freedom to the one being more happy alone or with any other partner.

♥ True Love NEVER can be learned on an intellectual basis, only by living with an open heart serving all those in need of care, love, help. During thousands of years.

♥ NEVER trust nor wait on empty promises to change. If thousands or Millions of years AWAY from God was no reason to change and learning to love, then the remainder of this lifetime waiting for your partner would be a waste for the one waiting.
Whatever your decisions, never base your decision on tears nor promises but on true daily happiness resulting from daily received LIVE from a truly adult mature partner of opposite gender. Based on love and happiness actually experienced and received until TODAY - the day of your FINAL decision by your heart and soul.

♥ Study and apply God’s teachings of Love by the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love to connect with God and learn to find or create the best solutions of love in all situations of your eternal life.

The self regulatory power of honest wages to balance the entire global market and humanity Learn about honest salaries, the benefits and results of honesty in business and all life. What is a honest salary or honest price? What is the benefit for…

First learn how to be healed then start to heal others

* help yourself before helping others
* heal yourself before healing others
* free yourself before freeing others

♥ Before you can be of reasonable spiritual help for others you first need to achieve spiritual healing within yourself.

♥ Before you can start to teach truly spiritual topics = first achieve truly spiritual qualifications. The absolute minimum qualification is Nirbikalpa Samadhi for very basic spiritual lessons. The next and ultimate level of spiritual qualification to teach ANY spiritual topic including God and Love and how to return HOME to God is ONENESS with God as a result of multiple Maha Samadhi.

♥ For precise definition of “Nirbikalpa Samadhi” and “Maha Samadhi” = see Spiritual Encyclopedia section of Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition.

Critical time for everything in your life

♥ Everything in your life has a critical time or time frame. If you exceed your critical time you may have wasted a full lifetime or MORE.

♥ To understand the meaning of critical time, look at gardening:

* If you plant tomatoe seeds too early in spring, the seeds / young plants may be subject to a few days of frost or late snow and die.

* If you plant too late, the plants / fruit, have too little sunshine before next winter to ripe and yield edible red tomatoes - thus the plant dies before ready = when fruits still green.

♥ Humans are same. We grow adult and start to receive spiritual lessons long before teenage years. To be learned and the yield of such lessons needed for jobs and opportunities coming up weeks or months later. And on and on all life long .

♥ First yield in life is the maturity to qualify for a useful work and job that carries you thru life toward more exciting and more demanding opportunities. To achieve maturity as a male man or female woman, ready to meet a partner for life, to learn even more complex spiritual lessons of LOVE.

♥ ALL lessons are but a direct step toward ONE common goal = to Love ALL.

♥ If you tend to be always one or several or many hours or days LATE in successfully accept and complete the lessons and opportunities, then you are setting more and more behind your schedule far THIS life and eventually FAIL before your life ends.

Thus one slow / wasted life to be repeated completely.

♥ If you wake up a few years later in life, in your twenties, you may have a last chance to catch up with your life plan by working double or triple working hours and learning hours, without retirement, without days off, without vacation or recreation.

♥ If YOU are slow and inefficient = then it is YOUR duty alone to work FASTER and harder and learn FASTER to catch up with your life plan


to repeat at your own expenses all failed lessons of love in a future reincarnation. On a planet YOU maintained.

♥ There is an ABSOLUTE limit for all lessons to be successfully completed - lessons for THIS life as well as lessons for your possible ETERNAL Life.

♥ What that exactly means to mankind is obvious to all with a healthy common sense. When you plant potatoes, vegetables or tomatoes TOO LATE, then the plants die without yield and the worthless dead plants are bio-degraded / dissolved and that energie used next season for OTHER plants or trees.

♥ In all creation it is about:

* being a source of LOVE
* usefulness
* helpfulness
* being an active and CONTRIBUTING member in God’s entire creation.

Contributing problems or waste to God is NO valid contribution at all. Only loving contributions are valid.

♥ There is a critical time when your current life ends


there is a critical ultimate time when this entire PLANET ends.

Delayed spiritual lessons are wasted gifts of love

♥ If you received a spiritual lesson many years ago, it was because you actually NEEDED that lesson exactly when you received it - then many years ago = for YOU to stay OUT of your self created troubles waiting to happen.

♥ God’s creation is perfect! All receive their spiritual lessons EXACTLY the day or moment needed. If YOU postponed those lessons, you most likely have WASTED a free opportunity to stay OUT of problems before problems actually occur.

♥ Never expect lessons to be repeated or you to be reminded of your omissions. Lessons are given ONE times to ALL. With BILLIONS of others waiting for their lessons to be presented at the right time, that keeps your helpers and God busy enough.

♥ The future is known - to God and all your truly spiritual God-connected helpers. The root cause of potential problems as well.

♥ The lessons needed to dissolve such root causes also are known. To protect you from your own mistakes or failures is part of ALL loving beings to do. To WASTE such help or spiritual lessons is wasted help and may directly expose you to your own karma.

♥ In the worst of possible consequences for waisting God’s efforts to help and protect YOU, might be a WASTED lifetime to be repeated in your own time and at your own expenses.

♥ Study and apply God’s teachings of Love by the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love to maintain your entire life as an exciting adventure of love until again HOME in God.

Responsible or irresponsible behavior in life

♥ The benefit of accepting responsibility

♥ The moment you start to accept FULL responsibility for anything and everything you ever do or did, from eternity to eternity, that moment your life turns into a loving future.
Provided you keep working a honest, loving and useful / helpful job until all your Karma is dissolved in love.

♥ For some THIS current life may be enough, others may need one or several more re incarnation(s). Depending on how intense and sincere your own efforts and how goal-oriented you live and work.

♥ Without your acceptance of FULL responsibility, your learning goes on and on ….

Mercy and Forgiveness Are Needed for Lasting Peace on Earth

Learn to Love to Acquire the Power of Forgiveness.

Mercy And Forgiveness are direct manifestations of true love in any human being. All human beings are capable of mercy and forgiveness. More even, mercy and forgiveness, a full pardon toward all, is the easiest, fastest and most relieving act you can commit. A full pardon such as the famous “Christmas Pardon" toward all instantly results in a deep and lasting relief inside the one offering full forgiveness and mercy toward all who crossed his current or past path of love.

In this present times of worldwide emotional turmoil and stressful situation, it is essential that all who want to be spiritual or intend to learn to become truly spiritual, learn to fully maintain a really neutral attitude toward all. All the ongoing turmoil, Arab spring, retaliation for 9/11 and many other wars and struggles are but the result of total lack of true love among mankind. This really neutral inner attitude of loving all is the single most important essential basis to allow more and more love to flow toward where love is needed.

Kriya Yoga, also is known as Jesus secret teachings among Christianity and under a variety of different names is the most powerful way for all humans to awaken and develop true God love within and toward all beings. Without developing divine God love within, there is no power to forgive and dissolve in love whatever happened. Hence the global development and expansion of God’s love is essential to the building and maintaining of lasting global peace among all creatures, human and non-human alike.

Prejudice may cause your love to flow toward one party only. May be the one party needing least love from any party involved. Be like a sun. Shine your love in all directions toward all. Your love will “hit” the ones needing your divine love most and being most open to receive your divine love and allow such love to heal all emotions and all emotional injuries they carry on from the far past. As the present situation is the result from a very, very old struggle having its roots back in the times of genesis and far before. That struggle and retaliation still goes on these very days and may continue for thousand and more years if people keep fighting instead of loving.

Only instant full forgiveness can stop all killing and wars

As long as people kill killers, killing will go on and on for a nearly infinite time. It is a traditional Christian teaching that any problem can be dissolved in love. Only true divine love has the power to really and eternally solve any and every problem ever existing from eternity to eternity!

Love is the only solution to end this ongoing struggle and war on earth and beyond. Learn from the past! Learn from previous millennium - before and after Christ and you will see that no single war or retaliation-action at any time for any reason was ever leading to lasting peace. It is time to really and very intensely focus on love to actively help to heal all the wounds carried on by mankind from ancient times to allow true eternal love to expand faster and faster until all humanity is one single loving family again!

Unwillingness to love and forgive creates illness - love creates health and happiness

As an active spiritual teacher for Jesus teachings of love and spiritual healer for a very long time, I have witnessed manifold situations where all those disciples and patients willing to instantly and fully forgive, have achieved an almost instant inner relief and freedom to enjoy love and life more than ever before. True happiness between family members and especially harmony and love between husband and wife essentially depends on full forgiveness toward all others on this world, including all ex-partners. At the same time, I noticed that patients unwilling to forgive and reconcile became more and more ill. Including cancer and some died as a result of total lack of readiness to forgiven and reconcile with family members or enemies. All negative people are always self-destructive. From simple headache to more severe illness, chronic illness and eventually to premature death.

Love is and always was the greatest healing power. God is Love and God is the only source of love. Almighty, all healing love. Hatred, unwillingness to forgive and reconcile, desire for retaliation however are opposite forces to love and thus slow down or completely block the necessary inner and outer healing process. There is no healthy body possible without healthy mind and loving soul. True holistic health always includes inner emotional and spiritual health as the source of physical health and well-being.

Who is More Intelligent, Animals or Human Beings?

True Intelligence is the Ability to Understand the Value of Solutions of Love as Means of Eternal Peace Among All Beings.

True intelligence is the ability to understand the importance and power of love as means of eternal peace among all beings. Yesterday night while walking along Mekong river in Phnom Penh, I met a young dog - may be half year to one year old - playing with a mouse. Very friendly and very gently, no hurt, no harm what so ever. Just quiet unusual for the tiny mouse who appeared to be surprised about a “huge animal” being so affectionate.

A few weeks ago I gave some love lessons to a young dog, some 3-4 months old and a young baby cat some 3 months old who ran away from her mother as a tiny baby may be 6 weeks old. The baby cat was separated from mother much too soon and never learned how to handle dogs = with love. Hence my teaching her to love dogs.

A few days ago after just 2-3 weeks of “love therapy” and lessons of love a few minutes a day, the cat started to tease and play gently with the dog and vice versa. Both very gently and playful exchanging love. The small cat chasing the dog’s tail and so did the dog. The cat gently and playfully love-biting the dog’s ears and so on. Both just showing and practicing playful love with each other. No pain or harm at all. Just love among young ones.

True intelligence is the ability to learn to love and to understand that to love is more fun, more enjoyable than to “hunting down”, “obliterate”, destroy or kill “enemies”. Intelligence is to understand that true love-relationships make all weapons, defenses, security and borders obsolete, all life cheaper and easier and more FUN for all beings involved.

When watching the “Arab spring” or governments maintaining prison camps such as Guantanamo Bay or humans sending drones to kill, then we know that humans need more than decades, more than centuries, even more than thousands of years to learn to love each other.

True intelligence from a spiritual point of view is the ability to learn to love, to be in love and to remain in love with any being, any species, races, cultures, religions or genders. Intelligence on a soul level results in the ability to live and enjoy life eternally side by side with anyone you ever meet. No matter how different their appearance, lifestyle or attitude might be.

Hence animals surely appear to be more intelligent than humans. Yet it is humans free choice to love or NOT to love. Jesus teachings of love have been around for some 2000 years, similar philosophies and spiritual teachings such as Kriya Yoga have been known much longer, yet mankind seems mentally too blocked to understand the power of love and the joy of love and life such a loving lifestyle and attitude toward all might bring - at zero cost and without any casualties nor collateral damage.

Animals maintain a healthy living environment while human race destroys the very basis of our planet’s life including our own human life. God made nature, pure drinking water and fresh clean breathing air all are endangered by human intervention, by lack of human intelligence. While animals maintain balance of God’s creation and contribute to their duties given by God to care and improve our planet. Duties rarely if at all understood by mankind venturing into far space rather than learning the very basics of life within and around us all.

Who is more intelligent, the one self-destroying or the one living along with each other side by side without the need of weapons, without the need of border controls and prisons or chains?

The first step toward being loved is to give full freedom and the next step is to prove beyond doubt loving intentions. No business deals or expectations, no striving for benefits or profits from each other. Just offer gifts of love to each other by repeated and persistent actions of love. Like you would do to a potential future husband or wife. Is this too difficult to understand or too easy to be an acceptable solution of love and lasting basis of peaceful freedom in love with each other on our tiny planet earth?