When a bad rating actually is an excellent rating in disguise

When doing spiritual counseling, time is crucial. For a truly God connected human being an instant assessment and instant knowledge of a patient’s problems is normal. God’s spiritual guidance is crystal clear, instant and razor sharp. A few words may directly “hit the nail on the head" and if that person has extreme ego, that person may vehemently and instantly explode with rejection and denial. An absolute proof in all normal cases - except when people try to "play" you and waste your precious time for ego games - you have been absolutely correct to the point with your analysis of his / her problem.

A person may be deeply touched to the point and start a “river” flow of silent healing tears resulting from acceptance of the spiritual medicine or an explosive denial and rejection of your analysis. Both are typical reactions of correct spiritual analysis.

If a person is sincerely spiritual and ready to accept and absorb a spiritual analysis and also ready to work and dissolve or change wrongful ill making behavior. Then that person may most likely remain quiet and receptive for your solution to his / her problem. First crystal clear analysis, then solution of love with spiritual lessons to heal problem.

Without acceptance of analysis - no healing - no improvement until serious illness or accident may strike.

If a patient rejects your analysis, no need to waste another second. Good bye - that’s it. Spiritual counseling time is precious, more precious than Gold and diamonds - beyond price3 and yet it requires the physical presence and readiness / willingness to serve lost ones on earth.

Today while updating a few links on one of the many article directory I use to share single selected chapters of the “Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition”, I noticed that one of the very last new published articles on the previous FULL version of the Cyberspace Ashram, the chapter on How To Get Out Of Troubles In Life - How To Stay Out Of Troubles In Life had an extremely low rating but a high number of viewers / visitors. That chapter is a tough one on each ego hit, and I know for sure that this chapter may be hitting on up to 90 or more % or the global western population. Yet if followed this chapter can be one of the greatest expense savior and saver. Saving from completely mismatching relationships or marriages, thus saving from dirty expensive divorces and also saving from break ups, broken hearts, disappointments, abuse and exploitation. The good point on such extreme rejection of true and correct analysis is:

The more you reject something, the more you get attracted and the longer you remember what you once rejected until all your problems positively solved. That means the a.m. chapter was a lesson search consciously or subconsciously by those in need and that chapter and the related / linked solutions may come back again and again inn their lives until problems solved and ego dissolved = person healed! One year, decades, a lifetime or many reincarnations - until job done by the one needing help and healing of soul.

Learn about God and Love from the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love to safely return home to God.

Love and Bliss

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