A reminder of the general requirements for visitors of spiritual retreats.

This next visit in May 2013 is special as it includes a once in a lifetime special workshop specifically aimed and the known participants - in addition to LOTS of time to do most intense kriya yoga, very specially Kriya Pranayama. The more the better. Desired starting point may be 8 or more hrs per day..

Time passes by and people (are expected to) progress, hence requirement will substantially increase with progressing time. Substantial progress and success is the result of steady growth. A steady growth is the result of daily challenges, daily efforts to dissolve limits and restrictions or obstacles WITHIN SELF.

A Spiritual retreat is a place to progress and surely NO place to run away from YOUR karma and life-problems. All life including family life, financial situations and professional life always needs to be completely fixed and cleaned up before any retreat is of any use.

Before your visit at the Ashram - please be fully prepared.

Before your visit here, you should have visited and studied all major sections of the Cyberspace Ashram including the practice of Kriya Yoga. Means you should have the complete “Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition”.

Kriya Yoga is about God and Love - to come here you may have to first prove that your entire life is about God and Love rather tan presenting a mess of debts or history of drugs and alcohol. Clean up your life, have a solid honest and helpful job and learn to enjoy being a contributing strong human being of this planets society rather than a walking mess and disaster waiting to happen.

One of the most essential prerequisite for real success in kriya yoga leading to God Union (Samadhi) is a true, sincere and full Christmas Pardon issued by you toward all world. No one owes you anything nor do you owe anything to anyone. The latter requires you paid back all self created debts (school, mortgages, etc), the first requires you have canceled any debts others may have toward you and have accepted FULL responsibility for your current life as is.

What are all those dong who fail to meet qualifications for an ashram visit?

There are efficient therapies to be done first. Work therapy, learning to help others therapies and workshops. Out in the world, far from your home., far from daddy and mama. Far from social welfare or parents to pay your debts or bail y9ou out of self-created troubles.

God is everywhere and God may guide you to powerful therapy places on this planet. There is work to be done in dozens of major disaster areas. Problems to be solved to help OTHERS. Look at today’s special therapy places with free admissions:

Middle east civil war and political struggles with hundred thousands of refugees waiting for YOUR help.

May African countries with a variety of jobs at zero salary, jobs to change and improve life.

Many disaster, ex-earthquake, flood, Taifun and Tsunami locations with millions still without home or drinking water or basic food supply = agriculture to be repaired or improved or turned into organic gardening or farming for improved health and thus reduction of medical bills at zero cost.

And many other places to offer you work that will heal your life and attitude until you realize how spoiled or lazy you may have been to let your life run out of your personal control.

On this planet there is SO MUCH to do, to help and to learn in real life outside an ashram that you soon forget about all your problems, stop whining facing all the really poor ones sleeping in streets, bombed homes, mine fields to be cleaned up and flooded villages.

By the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love.