Sharing spiritual experiences to support and promote spiritual teachings

Sharing spiritual experiences and linking with quality backlinks to the source of your help is an essential part to help others still in their early beginners years of spiritual development.

Linking to your own personal source of teaching using precise quality anchor texts in your links to original online sources is an essential part to support those who support you and is done by ALL true God seekers. Fake God seekers enjoy support by others, enjoy receiving services and resources without supporting whoever offers help.

To create and maintain value content such as the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love and the few thousands of other truly valuable online resources that make our life easier may cost decades of working life as preparation to first gain professional or spiritual expertise and then up to many ten thousand hours of actual publishing work and may easily cost up a few hundred thousand US Dollars creation and maintenance expenses. Hence the value backlinks offered by some online users in forums, blogs and social bookmarking sites (may be using the AddThis widget available on many sites) never can replace active financial support by honest donations, but rather may be considered additional “tip" and gratitude as well as efforts to promote truly useful onliine content among our global extended family.

The more you share valuable online resources, the more people grow strong and will be potential sources of help for your very own future as well as your loved ones and offspring! Karma always bounces back to the original source - also good karma.

This article on shows how easy it could be for all serious God seekers and sincere God oriented Kriya Yogi to create valuable backlinks to the original online teaching sources they use and enjoy in life. The very same principle applies for ALL online sources we enjoy in daily life, in job, family as well as our spiritual path. Sharing is an expression of giving love as a result of flowing love. NOT sharing is an expression of selfishness and stinginess.

If you wish to make a difference to others in your life, learn to share all the really valuable resources you enjoy in your life to ease the life of all those still searching or missing experiences to find resources. Learn to be a source of help and usefulness rather than being a passive consumer.

Have a look at some sharing disciples to see how varied the topics of sharing can be and how yahoo loves the sharing experiences to be formatted. Below a few links to the network. Often you see on author profile pages “affiliations" with direct links to resources or you find direct links in the article body to resources. Links inside the article body always are most valuable! The key to success and value is to use correct anchor texts in your links!

A few author profile pages with affiliation-links resources to and articles live on yahoo:

If you need pictures to be published with your articles, you may consider the free - public domain - beautiful nature pictures available for free download. A little added creativity will convert the thousands of nature pictures to added value for your articles or blog posts.