Kriya Yoga From Spiritual Encyclopedia: Spiritual definition and meaning of Kriya Yoga

Two old traditional words combined:

Kriya in Sanskrit means action, deed, effort and includes personal work and spiritual efforts. True spiritual efforts always are efforts of selfless love.

Yoga to join, to unite, thus to reunite mankind with God.

Kriya Yoga as a combined word thus means to act with love and work in a loving way until all our karma (see law of karma) is dissolved and we are reunited with God. The purpose of Kriya Yoga is to free souls entangled on earth by the power of divine love and to reunite souls with God. We human beings are spiritual souls trapped in our karma related body on our planet earth.

What kind of work or effort does Kriya mean and why? Here on earth mankind is far from our origin, our home in God. Mankind “fell” down step by step to this planet of dense material world as a result of our self-created karma. Karma resulting in:

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