An ideal SEO strategy and linkbuilding setup for site and business owners

Cheap trashy sites belong to the trash bin or rm /*! Quality content sites however are worth many extra efforts to succeed. The key to success is and always was to build lots of fresh NEW quality content. Quality content however needs to be made known to all world. Hence you promote your site.

Site promotion includes link-building. Linkbuildiing is done in manifold ways. Using one of the social bookmark widgets - such as my Addthis widget - makes it easy for site visitors to share your pages among:

  • Facebook and other social networks
  • Social blogs and web20 sites
  • Social bookmarking sites

Hence step one is to make life and sharing easier for your happy visitors and add a AddThis widget to all of your pages!

The it is time to start your very own personal efforts to promote your site. Your site is ready = finish =

  • NO “under construction”
  • NO missing or broken links
  • NO missing pages like contact page, download page (if relevant) etc
  • NO missing images or broken images or wrong images or missing favicon, etc

All the submissions to TOP quality directories such as DMOZ, Jayde, Yahoo, etc are done manually - personally - NEVER automated!

There are at lest 2 major types of sites:

  1. Content site - with all provided content or services offered directly online. Hence no over the counter sales, no mail orders, etc. Whatever you offer either is in full online or can be downloaded or purchased for download using online instructions and payment methods.
  2. A “business card” website for individual or corporate business. Such as a website to promote personal sales or personal services rendered directly in person to end consumers.

The 2nd a.m. type uses web site promotion instead of the earlier and much more expensive yellow pages. Typical examples of “business card” websites might be:

  • Pizza - pizza home delivery or any other restaurant, party service or food home delivery service. You may want to publish your entire, updated menu including pictures of final plating and prices online.
  • Handyman, repair services, door unlock services, etc
  • medical clinics, therapies, human services for the welfare of others
  • spare parts and repair services
  • counseling or legal services - such as my recently added spiritual counseling

Your next steps of optimized quality SEO include: Study until fully understood the difference between a google site, google local page (Google Places), google+ page+! If available in your country, you may definitely want to create a google local page (Google Places) to promote your private clinic, restaurant or hotel, or any other quality local business where customers walk in. Read below pages to study the topic in depth. Note that all below services / pages by Google currently are FREE. FREE business promotion …. a fool going without!

If you now hope this above is all SEO work to do … sit down and relax. Above is no work, just the warm up and preparation. For above you may need a total of may be 100 working hrs +/- depending on your Internet connection and a few other factors.

Now starts the real link building SEO work. The key to success is quality above quantity! While you may need a few professional tools - you also need the willingness to sit down and provide real manual work. As a rule of thumb: If your site or the purpose of your site is truly valuable, then you SEO work should be worthy your own = personal extensive efforts. Outsourcing is NO option. What ever you want to outsource = means unworthy your own efforts = means unworthy to create TOP quality = best option and alternative for outsourcing is TO DELETE your project and search for something worthy YOUR very own personal efforts!

For quality link building you need quality content or quality video or quality pictures to share with all world and then to link back from your self created shared content that obviously must be directly relevant to your own site or business. Become and expert and be an exert for all world. Show your expertise by sharing quality content on article sites and other social media.

For such content sharing you need professional tools. Forget about all the free online tools. Invest into your own business and chose the best quality no matter the price. If all you want are freebies - then you are either stingy or lazy or both and hence then you would be a failure waiting to happen.

There is ho need to start doing all at once. You may do step by step and thus also invest by and by as you can afford and pay cash rather than borrowing from your plastic card until your bank kicks you.

To give you hope - a few hundred dollars in high end software and monthly services will do. How did I start? 1997 I started all manual service. For many years thousands of working hours behind the laptop. May be 1000 hrs additional SEO work per years should be an acceptable amount of workload to expect on a global content site. Then some 12 years ago came the age of semi-automated tools to simplify and speed up SEO work. Now since 2010 I use/used various tools. Some had a good idea but poorly converted and thus all additional investment was mostly a waste of time / money. I used AMR (finally a real nightmare) and later UD - both similar and both too weak to create quality on a global level.

May be it has to do with national mentality and a different approach to quality vs easy money - after many years of US based hosting and US made software and online services, I have moved almost entirely to (Central-) European made software and services and German hosting ( for my earlier root servers. As well as for all current SEO tools are European made except captcha services (RU), (semi-) private proxies and some other minor services used for my SEO work. European companies or coders simply offer much higher quality and much better support! No easy marketing bla bla but substantiated quality based on results, full almost instant support and very frequent updates of SW. You may chose based on patriotism and national likes / dislikes or if truly success oriented may chose solely on quality. Quality always shows up in better end-results. Quality may have a higher price at first, but result in much higher success and thus in greater efficiency. Efficiency for all business site owners means more orders = more transactions = more revenue = more money to invest to progress and further improve quality of services and products.

Hence for our SEO campaign we need more and may seriously consider additional options as listed below:

Public proxies vs private or semi-private proxies

First I spent about 2 weeks in figuring out a complex and maintenance intense system of using high quality free public proxies. High quality by means of speed, uptime and anonymous / elite proxies vs transparent proxies. Currently I run on private proxies from I made that choice based on a professional recommendation and evaluation of various proxy services. From the very beginning I was positively surprised from speed, support and options to chose proxy locations from (Any, US, Europe). I chose Europe as proxy location and 30 proxies to start. I may need more and may add another 30 or so from ANY location to add variety and further improve success rate.

Private or semi private proxies resulted in an instant increase of created BLs / registration and account verifications. Quality is all that really matters to have success. Keep in mind that an extra 25 or so US$$ per month may 4-fold your end-result for same efforts and work and NO public proxy list maintenance. Public free proxies need to be checked every xx minutes, at very least once per hour, better every 20-30 minutes. Public proxies are “consumables” and may live but for a short time, often far less than an hour because used and abused by thousands or more global users!

Instead of maintaining up to a few hours per day for maintenance of a clean working selection of 200-300 public anonymous / elite proxies, you save that time and can be creative and productive doing your actual job.

An ALMOST must for really efficient scraping is a number of HIGH quality proxies. There is no need for fully private (dedicated) proxies). Semi private proxies are shared among 3 users and one of the leading - in the opinion of many SEO professionals best proxy provider is -with a variety of almost custom made proxy selection. You can chose from US or Europeann location of ANY. I chose European proxy-location because of extreme superior results encountered in earlier years when moving from US based hosting to EU based dedicated servers.

Link building and submission software

The core of every SEO work is a universal tool or set of tools to:

  • Scrape the SE for sites to create BLs
  • Actually submit to those sites found in a clean and efficient way - offering quality content linked to pages you want to promote.

Since some 16 years I have first used various online tools, later on offline submission tools semi-automated and lately since 2010 some direct offline tools such as AMR and UD. After all the testing and wasting time with a.m. low quality tools, finally I end up using the finest of all submission tools GSA Search Engine Ranker that includes the possibility to co-work directly with a large variety of the later explained captcha services as well as the offline CB tool.

CB and GSA SER apparently come from the same house or coders and the entire system is made to co-exist / co-work with all needed additional services to make a complete and complex SEO campaign succeed. These additional services are

  • Captcha services, including difficult captcha and text questions captcha

index services that are directly fed on a regular basis by GSA SER - I use:

Link Indexing Service

Indexing creates additional links to absolutely everything you post or publish. When using GSA SER this is done automatically multiple times per day but you also can add your own links and drip feed or instantly index your links. Why indexing is needed? Several days back I checked manually all links to my site offered by Google webmaster tools and found that there are articles posted almost 10 months ago that where still missing in Google index while some other articles on same sites were existing. Reason for missing indexing by Google simply is too few or NO links linking to those articles!

Anything you create that links to your site or any page you like to be promoted like your blog or social blog needs to be linked at least several times. Else Google and other major SE may simple neglect those content pages. If something is important and of value, then it has several links to it. Either created manually by you - by submitting manually to major social bookmarking sites such as diigo, reddit, plurk, delicious, twitter, friendfeed, etc or by using indexing services. Even your social bookmarks need links else major SE may never find them or many months or years in the far future when you long gone or broke or changed your job.

Major content pages in high competition niches need ten thousands of quality BLs - for example the start page of your web site certainly may need some 10’000+ quality links from a large variety of global sites linking to you. While important inner pages of your web site may need at least many hundred or several thousands of quality BLs to get you a top 5 SERPS inn major SEs. By the time the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love shut down its 3 high end dedicated servers later in May 2012 - the CA had some 53’000+ BLs and ranked Alexa top 15’000 for most of the last few weeks (and some days top 10’000).

Alexa rank for 2012

Get high rankings with SEO software tool

To rank high inn all major search engines you need to know what ranks you high. What type of links, what number of links and what number / type of links the top 10 ranked we sites have. Hence you need a precise analysis and quality control - converted into a comprehensive output - human readable. Since many years I use IBP - Internet Business Promoter. Since I am usually a social human, I purchased a business license to be able to help some of my friends. Unless you have an SEO business, all you need is a personal license. Even better you may start using the completely free trial version.

To achieve quality in SEO work - you need to know the goal and have a quality control tool to tell you how much more work needs to be and what type of site promotion needs your very special attention. That quality control tool always was and still is IBP.

IBP costs money just as everything else. But first of all you have a free trial to work fast without having to pay. Then you may or not get the full one year license. That should be enough to completely set up a normal business web site. After the initial year instead of renewing a full year for regular IBP updates - you may chose an economy solution just as I did. Every now and then - may be once each year I dedicated a few months into intense SEO. During that period I renewed a 3 months license to have IBP updated. The last time I did so a few months ago as gift for the spiritual retreat visitors who received a bonus SEO part time help in setting up their medical sites and assisting to get indexed fast without being sandboxed as usual for new virgin sites. Quality costs money. Errors and failure however may cost you your life and all your property. Make your choice and go for.

SEO software for WindowsIBP

Captcha services

Registration and submission of content requires captcha solving. Either you do many thousands or ten thousands of captcha solving manually and quit any other work day and night 7/24/365 or you automate routine work to be free for creative production work and human related work.

Within the past 24 hrs from this moment of writing, I had to solve 6273 captchas by my favorite captcha service antigate while the main part of of several thousand captchas are solved locally in my laptop using CB = Captcha Breaker. The local solved captchas make up to 60-70% of total captchas. Additionally there are a large number of question-captchas to be solved by a specialized captcha service - at fixed monthly rate. Currently totaling approximately 10’000 captchas to be solved at my rather slow SEO rate. Slow simply because of MUCH too slow ISP / Internet connection. Of course you may save one, all or part of a.m. captcha category-solving services - if you are willing to invest in same time at a tiny fraction of linkbuilding / SEO results!

The key to success for your antigate captcha solving is to bid high! I currently bid maximum = 9.99 US$/1000 after an initial 5-6 USD/1000 and that max bid keeps my captchas solved even during peak server load hours.

Failure is no option for a truly spiritual life. Success however requires maximum speed, max efficiency and max proficiency in all you do. Success is no secret - success is the strict abidance of all spiritual laws and rules as published in the Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition.

If your life-project is worth your life, then either do it all, do it all right - or leave it and change your job! Either you can afford quality or leave it. Low quality and low efficiency always is far more expensive on an annual or life time perspective.

VPS vs desktop / laptop to run your campaigns

I know that most professionals run VPS. The reason is obvious = speed. GSA SER sucks all your resources of one machine if working from home via ISP. I normally use 3G data plans at my location (currently KH) and that sucks xxx$ each months and lots of SIM. My SIM get blocked after a few hours and I use next SIM - often another ISP. Multiple ISPs with disposable SIM. That is the price to pay to serve YOU and all world and to promote the “Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition”.

Until now I mostly have 1 to max 2 Mbps - that is the absolute very minimum you need to run a professional SEO campaign from home without VPS.. The more speed the more links = measured in LpM = links per minute in GSA SER status bar. Currently I only get an LPM 2.45. That is very good compared to the LpM of 0.3 - 0.4 before using semi private proxies.

Another criteria to compare VPS to laptop based computer are resources consumed by the entire setup. Now that I am retired as web publisher and no longer need a real work station (my last one was a HP EliteBook 17inch Mobile Workstation. An excellent mobile workstation and the best I ever had. Now as retired web pro I use 3 small Acer Aspire One. One for seeding the 2 torrent files:

  1. Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" and
  2. "Spiritual Treasures Bonus"= Beautiful Philippines nature pictures

Another Acer Aspire One as my actual workstation and finally another Acer Aspire One just for SEO with all above mentioned tools combined.

That one Acer Aspire One with 2GB RAM is actually FULLY loaded with work - nothing left to further increase linkbuilding from home. I currently run 99 threads and most of the time my CPU is around 50% load with multiple repeated peaks of several seconds at 99% CPU usage. That leaves NO resources for anything else but ONE SEO machine just doing SEO day and night 7/24.

Since sign up, registration and submission attracts lots = really lots of virus - may be one hundred or so per day. You definitely need ONE machine FREE of any sensitive data. One machine JUST for SEO with nothing personal stored at all. Dedicated eMail boxes with spam filter completely switched OFF just for the use of GSA SER. Avira is my anti virus SW updated multiple times daily. CB also consumes CPU to locally resolve captcha - but also substantially saves lots of $ by doing at home what otherwise is done by paid outside captcha services.

I am a Linux pro - for a good reason.l However GSA and all related SW runs on WIN. I noticed that performance may decrease after a run of 24 or so hrs = meaning a reboot of your WIN machine (I use WIN7) will fix your usual Microsoft problems. Linux professionals run a machine or server for weeks or months without need to reboot.

Using your one and only windows PC / laptop together with the entire SEO setup would be a fatal mistake. You have of course the God given freedom to make such fatal mistakes - but for all eternity you have no right to ever complain about the consequences of mistakes. You have been officially warned. Use ONE dedicated machine - old or new - small or large - cheap, free of high end - but use that machine ONLY for the entire SEO setup.

If you want the CB to improve performance by calculating better or best solutions, my tiny (1024px) Acer Aspire One sometimes runs full resources for up to many hrs to try improving one single sub-category of captcha. During that time NOTHING else really can be used. Hence if you want to further improve CB captcha-resolving performance (learning new captcha types) you may need a quad CPU.

To make an end too this far greater topic - a quick recap of key facts

  • To have a beautifully looking site has zero value of no one finds your site. Press releases, articles and a variety of linkbuilding and social network signals are needed to rank your site high in major SE.
  • Anything less than page 1 is a waste of time and resources.
  • Page 1 is too little for a valuable site. Based on my own situation and G webmaster tools, I see in today’s data from G a keyword ranking in global average SERPS 1.7 gets 50%% of all clicks from searches made for that keyword. f you rank global average 6.3 you may expect 3% CTR and a SERPS 12 gets ZERO clicks. These are real life examples to show you the important added value for every position you rank closer to number 1.
  • Anything you link also need to be linked. All the sites linking to you, also need your support to be indexed by major SE. Support those supporting you by adding links to pages linking to you - use indexing services in addition to your social blogs and bookmarking links to those sites.
  • Use quality control to know what you have indexed by G and other major SE and what is missing. Update our knowledge and keep working. The Internet is a consumable virtual world. Millions of sites appear and some may link to you, Millions of sites shut down and you may lose masses of BLs.
  • Automate whatever can be done by high end quality SEO tools but take the time to carefully configure all with quality facts, quality texts and data as needed by those sites you submit to. Avoid fully automated content building. Create your own quality expert content to share with all world and create contextual links to your quality site.
  • If your site is NOT worth your own personal time, efforts and investment, then your site is unworthy to exist and use www resources. Consider a change of life, attitude and job.
  • For a local business there is NO NEED at all to globally rank high. All you need is to locally rank high. Know what you want and achieve your goal. It makes no sense at all for a pizza home delivery inn the rocky mountains to rank #1 when searched in China or Brazil!
  • First create a fully functional value web site, then promote it. First create quality content - then promote quality content with quality articles and quality social media work or PR.
  • If you are a web design company making fancy web sites without SEO - you offer empty soap bubbles to your customers. Add value at NO extra cost by running for each web site at least one complete GSA SER campaign for as long as you serve that web site and that customers pays you - may be for life. ADD value to stay competitive and keep your business.


The most important last: Once you set up GSA SER - it does ALL fully automated if properly configured.

ALL means:

  1. SER has a high quality scraper with highly sophisticated built in and maintained footprints.
  2. Creates new accounts for submission. Does eMail checking to confirm registration, change password, submit, verify links, submit to indexing services and connect to a wide selection of captcha services. Hence SER runs on auto mode once YOU have carfully entered all data and platforms you want to have included for BL creation. Maintenance free

And finally a word of caution:

Stay within your limits. If budget tight, then stay within your budget and grow step by step. Strictly avoid borrowing money to pre-finance. Invest as you earn. First earn, then invest. Know what you do before you do.

To give you a more precise idea how much a one month campaign can cost: In recent several weeks (approx 1 month) I have paid by my debit card exactly 500 USD and additionally hundreds of $ for SIM and 3G data. The first month is the most expensive as you may do some one times payment such as GSA SER and CB. Other expenses are recurring monthly fees.

Be reasonable in all you do. Only a truly valuable site worth your own entire life is worthy to do all needed to globally rank top 10 or top 1-3.

Use search engines to find additional information. Use professional forums to find help and advice and exchange experiences. GSA SER has its own very active forum and most of the time you receive valuable responses to your questions within a few hours.

Life on earth is of temporary nature. Real life is amidst real people and the true purpose of life is to learn to love and return home to God. Real life is beyond this planet in a world of love at home in God.

Use automation to free your value time for direct human interaction and work with direct human contact. Avoid being a slave of computer and Internet, avoid being part of a virtual world. Be an active member of real world amidst real humans.

God bless