Critical self evaluation of your own value to human society

In times of global wellbeing and wealth as it was just a few decades ago, it is easy to believe being of value to this planet. Most such self-evaluations are based on how much you earn, how much luxury you can afford, how much money you can spend or waste.

A truly critical self-evaluation however is essential. Essential to know where exactly you really are in your value to our planet earth. The value to our entire human society and nature you prove in your current life is an indicator of your value to God’s creation.

A sincere self-evaluation is easiest and most efficiently done when comparing your skills, knowledge and expertise in times of absolute disaster. A most current scenario for YOUR self-evaluation is the recent Typhoon Hainan in the Philippine islands. After millions of people being struck, including my extended family, the first and most important needs of victims have been:

  1. Food
  2. Drinking water
  3. Shelter
  4. Medical help

Having worked various times during the past many decades in zones of major disaster or war, the experience of above always has been the same. The truly important and thus most valuable needs always are the same. From Vietnam war in Cambodia some 40 years ago, to Lebanon war or political unrest in Zaire. Real needs of humans are always the same.

Those above listed needs are of greatest true value to mankind. That means all those who can directly, personally create or provide or fulfill those needs out of their ow professional situation are of greatest value to mankind, to our entire planet.

My extended family in the Typhoon are have at least one farmer member. Means 3 hectares of fertile land as natural resource for:

  • Pure clean drinking water from own forest well.
  • Rice, vegetables and fruits.
  • Large high quality bamboo as ideal construction material for new nipa houses and roofing material, the traditional luxury homes for farmers.
  • Wild fields and jungle as natural source of all herbal medicine needed to keep all mankind healthy and provide immediate and efficient first aid and medical aid for all common injuries.

All such material is abundant in all provincial areas - far far from towns and sities. God made treasures and God made free resources to repair damaged homes or build new ones. Free resources for those having a small farm or knowing how to use and convert such God made resources by use of own personal skills, knowledge and expertise.

At a later stage, there might be need for a few other skilled persons, fixing, repairing damaged parts of homes truly vital for a happy and healthy life. Handyman, skilled laborers, repair technicians, mechanics fixing agriculture tools, etc.

Some of the above needed secondary skills, such as medicare and first aid should be part of everybody’s general education given by parents and grand parents or elderly. Health care is general education of ALL. Hence knowledge how to care for your family and every days ailments and injuries is part of every single adult having a family.

A few skills NEVER of any, even smallest use and value are:

  • Any administrative work of any kind
  • Paper or office work of any kind
  • IT, computer jobs, coder jobs of any kind
  • High tech of any kind
  • Government jobs of any kind
  • Military and law enforcement skills of any kind
  • Management jobs, foremen, supervisor jobs of any kind

Your self evaluation is a simple answer to above:

Can you provide out of your very own current skills, knowledge, expertise any of several of a.m. primary needs = i.e.:

  1. Food
  2. Drinking water
  3. Shelter
  4. Medical help
  5. As well as the most important secondary services such as fixing vital stuff like houses, roofing, water supply, etc

In time of major disaster, there is no time to learn, there is no need for communication of Internet, there is time to know, time to instantly act based on your past decades of experiences and skills. There only is time to succeed, never to try and fail.

Based on all above criteria, do your own self-evaluation, razor sharp and absolutely critical and true. In case of your major disaster waiting for you or possibly all planet, there will be zero time left to make up for missing qualifications.and wasted time in your past.

The level of usefulness and true value you have by means of your very personal skills and expertise is proportional to the value you may have for all creation, for the world of love beyond our tiny planet. It is up to you to correct and adjust while you have still time. Next week or even tomorrow may already be too late.

In case of disaster of any kind, never wait or expect the government or outer sources to help you. God gave you all the potential to become and be a source of help for your own family, your neighborhood and your community or beyond.

If you expect one thousand dollars help from your government, you or someone else may have first to give approximately ten thousand dollars to your government. The government above all is a self-serving organisation. Spending most of the total revenue into self-administration, beautiful offices, expensive chairs, high tech to survey citizens / tax payers, gadgets, law enforcement and military to protect government from self created enemies as well as for fantasy projects such as space programs and others programs serving the richest and mighty ones. A tiny part of may be 5-10% then is left for social welfare. You pay 100 dollars and may expect 10 dollars in help. Hence far more efficient is you help yourself all the way. Within your family, your neighborhood and your comunity. That maturity to self help however works only if all are of true value for each other, if all have true valuable skills and expertise.

Look at some youtube videos about major disasters or the a.m. Typhoon Hainan, then ask yourself which of the primary needs you could have offered with your today’s skills, knowledge and practical expertise. The next major or even larger disaster comes for sure. It’s a natural filtering mechanism. The truly strong ones survive, all else vanish - dissolved in love to make space for truly loving humans ready and willing to love and to help each other in times of happiness as well as in times of disaster.

God’s teachings of love contain many useful teachings of love to help you find a golden path of love and solutions of love for all situations in life. Follow Jesus teachings to stay out of troubles and enjoy a life of love in complete harmony with God.

To live in harmony with God made nature, amidst nature, in a combination of organic farming plus some practical skills to achieve a reasonable level of self-sustaining is an ideal way of life to be prepared for disaster as well as to conduct a healthy happy life.